"I truly feel like hypnotherapy has helped me as a person and as an athlete. It has helped me overcome many struggles that I've faced in my athletic career. I used to have an abundance of doubts about myself. I was extremely unsure of my athletic ability. I thought I wasn't good enough to be pitching, and I was scared that I wouldn't achieve the goals that I had set for myself. Once I had hypnosis, I was a brand new person. On the field, I became my old self and my doubts went away. My confidence was at an all time high, and it felt like no one could stop me. Even with a tough loss, I still felt like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. I've become a much more social person since hypnotic coaching. It has helped me overcome my fears of talking to people and I feel like it is easier for me to talk in large groups."

Hannah Feagler

Torrington, WY

I decided to try Reiki after suffering for awhile with inflammation due to auto immune issues.  I have received 5-6 Reiki treatments from Jo Underwood and each time it was a different experience.  I can't really explain how I felt during the treatment but I can say that after each session I felt a world of difference, the pain was noticably decreased each time.


Jo's insight to what was going on internally was spot on with how I was feeling emotionally and with what was going on medically.  At my first appointment, Jo did a great job of explaining the process to me and made me feel extremely comfortable in her home office.  The room is very relaxing and Jo is professional.  I would highly recommend that anyone try this service.  

Heather Lennox

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Knowing I had a lackluster meditation practice inspired by Zen principles, a friend suggested I try Jo Underwood's "Intro To Meditation" series. I was pleasantly surprised. Jo encourages each participant as they experience both group guided and individual meditation practices. Jo puts a refreshing emphasis on body awareness and physical comfort, while introducing her students to a range of meditation practices. Participants leave each session equipped to further explore their preferred approaches to meditative practice. Jo speaks with her participants in accessible language free of jargon, dogma or judgement, while honoring and nurturing each participant's existing spiritual practice. Highly recommended for those new to meditation, or for those whose practice needs a highly personalized reboot.


Amber Leberman

Denver, CO

I went to Jo for a couple of hypnotherapy sessions to overcome some core issues.  During one of the sessions we discussed past lives and how they may have an effect on our present life.  We decided our next session would be a past life regression.  My goal was to release a past connection with a specific individual as well as deal with a sciatic nerve issue that was becoming chronic. 


All I can say is WOW!!!  What an amazing experience! I not only realized one cause of my sciatic issue, being attacked from behind by a trusted friend, but why a struggling relationship had such an impact in my current life.  The best part of this session was learning that my best friend in this life was my little sister in a past life.  All of these “findings” have assisted me in moving forward and releasing what no longer served me.


Facing the not so pretty places in our lives is difficult to do; Jo provides a comfortable safe haven for her clients to heal.  I am so blessed to have met Jo and experience her amazing gifts.  I always walk away from an encounter with her with peace in my heart and mind, full of hope and knowing I can face the rough waters in my life.  Thank you Jo, my life is a brighter place because of you!

Clem Jimenez

Cheyenne, WY

Jo Underwood is the Real Deal, folks!  She has been my personal Intuitive Coach for over two years, and I trust her implicitly - both as a human walking her talk and as the wise, intuitive, above-and-beyond-human coach (Angel!) who has helped me steer my life, relationship and career to security, success and satisfaction.  I LOVE her and her big heart!

Grace Cooley

Ft. Collins, Colorado

The most amazing things happen at High Plains Healing. I have liked my intuitive coaching but the coaching can't come close to comparing to the amazing hypnotherapy sessions I've had. I turned to hypnosis to help me release hurt feelings and anger from my past. Honestly, why would I seek therapy when hypnosis and meditation are available at High Plains Healing? (not to mention being guided to meeting my "Spirit Guide" in life.) 
I'd just like to say thank you, Jo, for always supporting me and helping me to accept what is a true part of my life.  

Lisa Stephen

Cheyenne, Wyoming

I recently underwent extensive oral surgery.   Some of the possible side effects of this surgery included extensive swelling, pain, and possible nerve damage.  In preparation for the surgery, Jo performed four hypnotherapy sessions to prepare my mind for the surgery and to be able to recover.  Within two hours of being back in my room post surgery, she applied oils to minimize bruising, swelling and pain.  I had zero bruising in my face.  The majority of the people who undergo the same surgery that I did have swelling for months after and loss of feeling associated with nerve damage for years.  My swelling was all but non-existent within a month.  Two months after my surgery I had 90% of the feeling back in my face.  After the surgery Jo also performed a Reiki session and another hypnotherapy session to address my concerns about the swelling and nerve damage.  After these sessions I had a calming peace about my healing process.  I truly believe that the primary reason I healed so quickly was because of the combination of these services. 

Brittany Price

Yokosuka, Japan

Being a bikini fitness competitor can be very stressful. I went to see Jo to get help with my stage presence. My hypnosis experience gave me the confidence I needed but also gave me so much peace in the rest of my life. Through hypnosis I found the inner strength not only to compete but also to train myself for the competition, sew my own suit and win my division. I am amazed at the positive impact this experience has had on my life. 

Sierra Kramer

Cheyenne, Wyoming

I joined Jo's Weight No More class with some skepticism. At the beginning I told Jo I didn't think I'd be able to relax enough to benefit from hypnosis. I wasn't sure about hypnosis & had never tried anything like that & was pleasantly surprised at how effective it was. To my surprise I found that through hypnosis I really could relax my mind, body & thoughts. The sessions were very informative in many ways. Having support from Jo on essential oils & guided imagery & Sierra Kramer's healthy eating tips was just the boost I needed to get my personal fitness goals moving in the right direction. I will look forward to attending more sessions with Jo at High Plains Healing & Hypnosis!  

Renee Dreher

Cheyenne, Wyoming

I was surprised on how much information you actually knew about me in general.  I also found it interesting that you knew information about my plans (such as what kind of dog I was bringing to my new house) that I haven’t told anyone.  I have a lot coming to me in the next couple months and your service has given me the inspiration to pursue my future with confidences in myself and the people around me.  I would (and have) recommend you to many people because what you do is outstanding.  Your friendly but professional atmosphere really makes me feel welcomed and open to whatever you have to say.  I have taken much of what you have said to me and really made use of it.

Ashley Adams

Thank you for the uplifting message.  It was nice to hear that my (step) dad is still there and supporting what I am doing.  The holidays are a great time to receive messages and know that our loved ones are with us.

Lisa Stephen

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Having a healing session at 8 months pregnant was one of the best things I could do for myself.  I felt very calm and was able to relax fully, which is a luxury at that stage of pregnancy.  I plan on making your service part of the birthing plan with my next pregnancy.

Angela Sanders

Ft. Collins, Colorado

What surprised me most was how clear the messages and readings came through.  You knew exactly how my son likes to play with me and you picked up on how my daughter just melts my heart.  I feel really great now having some questions I had answered which referred back to me as that I’m doing a good job as a parent and person and that’s a great feeling.  I feel more confident now.  I would 100% recommend you to everyone!  This might help someone in a different and great way.  I’m glad I gave it a shot.  Thank You.

Justin Salas

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Today was my last session of "weight no more" my 6 week hypnotherapy program with Jo at High Plains Healing & Hypnosis, whom I consider to be my Fairy Godmother. There's so many feelings inside me about what I want to say about exactly what this whole journey has done for me and not enough page...
This was a weight release program, and like most people I started thinking "here we go I better be walking out at the end of this program looking like Heidi Klum!" The first thing she taught is we do not "lose" weight we will be releasing it because what we lose we tend to try and find again. Ok I can go with that now to the part where you give me the hypnotherapy and I wake up skinny or at least the urge to run 10 miles... And this is where the real release began. We talked about what hurts. What in my life has gotten me to the point where I don't love myself. I told her I have a hard time looking in the mirror without picking myself apart into a million pieces. I have negative words and remarks and comments that have been said to me from the time I was very young to teen years all the way into my adulthood that just echo in my ears. The remarks that continue to bring you down and regardless of any progress you make with eating healthy or working out there's always that whisper in your mind of "you won't, you can't do it, why try, you will fail." Ultimately you do. I mean without letting go of the negativity and the doubt and self- loathing in your mind how could you ever really commit to changing yourself? Like truly changing yourself from your outside to the most important part your inside, your soul. 
Session one I walked out going "holy smokes...this is way more then what I was planning for." Sessions 2, 3 and 4 were about power and control and worth, the meal plan and of course the hypnotic gastric band, meal plans etc... The power of the mind didn't even elude me until I'm sitting down to dinner and maybe a quarter through my usual scarf it all down meals, I'm looking at my small bites going GAHHH I am beyond stuffed. It wasn't till the end of the week of the same ongoing feeling that I'm going OMG IT'S THE BAND I'M DOING THIS! MY MIND IS DOING THIS!! Then the meal plan with it wasn't your usual go starve yourself and eat half an apple and some salad, and a cup of rice for dinner. Following when you’re done go take whatever miniscule amount of energy you have left and go run a marathon at the gym. With the help of your mind from Jo, and your body health from Sierra, I was eating and I WASN'T HUNGRY! I'm losing weight, and I'm not starving and burning out doing so. Years of diets, diet pills, and trainers and I can say Iv been going about it all wrong! This is truly new and something we can make work. It's a life change not a diet change. 
Sessions 5 and 6...I don't even know where to begin. By this point things are changing in my life...I feel alive. I feel strong and I feel like I am beautiful and I am worth more than every mean comment ever made to me. I can breath and look in the mirror and finaly see me the me that I want people to see.
By this point I am down 14 lbs. What nobody tells you is the weight you hold onto in your mind that your letting go is the biggest relief. This program is real, it's not a one size fits all. Self worth is priceless, losing the weight is the cherry on top. 
Jo thank you for this gift of loving myself. I feel like a mouse who was hiding in a hole who finally came out into the world and turns out there's been a lion inside me the entire time.

Brianna Madden

Briana Madden

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Without the help from Jo at High Plains Healing & Hypnosis, I would have almost certainly had a C-section and wouldn't have been nearly as calm through this entire process. I HIGHLY recommend her services and what she does. She is a truly good and heart centered person who cares VERY much about her clients and their success. I am so grateful for the time that she spent with me in preparation for this miraculous " A+" birth (according to my midwife). 

If you want to feel safe, secure, ok, completely able to relax, trust, and let go ~ GO SEE HER!!!! 

Cally Turse

Cheyenne, Wyoming

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