We all have the ability to read energy to a point. I am very sensitive and aware of energies and feelings that are not my own.  I have fine-tuned and developed my senses, just like anyone who has  learned a new skill or job.  I am able to receive valuable thoughts, feelings and impressions for my clients.  I have used these abilities to help people heal emotions, connect to loved ones and find answers they couldn’t find elsewhere.  

There are many examples of the power of reading the energy field.  For instance, a study was done by the HeartMath Research Center and the Institute of Whole Social Science which was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 2004; 10(1): 133-143, where 26 people were hooked up to sensors and machines to measure the heart, skin and brain while being shown random pictures, some pleasant and others unpleasant.  The findings were exciting.

The research found that people intuitively knew when an unpleasant picture was going to pop up well before the eyes saw it.  It was as if the heart was reading into a future field of energy.  The study concludes by saying, “This study presents compelling evidence that the body’s perceptual apparatus is continuously scanning the future.”  There is so much more to this study than the few words I am putting here but my point is that research is finally starting to validate that there is something to the field of energy.

Spiritual guidance is definitely different than anticipating pictures on a computer, but I encourage you to be open to the amazing possibilities and healing effects of intuition and the benefits of spiritual guidance. 


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If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.           

Maya Angelou