MEDITATION MONDAY - These 30 minute original meditation sessions are based in heart centered connection and higher consciousness.  They can help increase mindfulness and strengthen your sense of mental and physical wellbeing.  Meditation is proven to decrease stress and improve focus and resilience.  A clear mind brings greater creativity and productivity. 

BUILDING PERSONAL RESILIENCE - You'll learn simple and practical strategies to build your resilience and boost your ability to "take charge" of yourself by better regulating your energy throughout the day, a key in building and sustaining your resilience.  Exploring the energy-management concepts can help you see where you may be draining your energy and depleting your reserves, which can keep you from being your best.  You may even discover in some cases the source of your stress is not what it may appear to be.  

MEDITATION 101 - Would you like to meditate but aren't sure where to begin?  This easy to follow class will help you learn some basics and get you on your way to a rewarding practice in mindfulness and meditation.  It really is much easier than you might think.  Research shows that meditation can sharpen attention and memory, reduce anxiety and depression and help manage conditions such as hypertension and heart disease.