January 1, 2021


Happy New Year!


On Christmas day, my personal and business Facebook pages were hacked and stolen. As much as I’ve tried and paid for technological help, they are unrecoverable.  The violation of my privacy and loss of so many memories is hard to handle but I do believe that God/Universe has funny ways of sending us messages.

As I look back at 2020, I can say it was one of the toughest year of my life for many reasons.  Working with my clients has been the one saving grace.  I love my work and I love sharing it with people.  One of the biggest messages I have always tried to bring forward to my client is “put your oxygen mask on first” or “you can’t water the garden with an empty can.”

The Christmas Facebook hack made me realize I need to fill my watering can. So, after much thought, meditation and prayer I am closing my business.  Once my can is full again, I will recommit to this work that means so much to me.

I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me that you trusted me and allowed me into your life this past year. Here’s to a peaceful, abundant and happy 2021.


All my best,


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